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Bondage Makes the World Go Round

Because I Say So

11/27/05 12:31 am - Izumo...?

I think I made Izumo angry, and I don't know where he went... ;_; I'm gonna go find him...T_T I HOPE HE'S OKAY!! Kotex is going to be punished for this... T_T

IZUUMOO!! COOME HOOOOME!! I'll make you a sandwich! ;_;

9/28/05 04:38 pm - Izumo *_*

Um...I've been a bit...sidetracked. >> By Izumo. He's gotten really....friendly. *_* So I don't want to be on too long. << He seems to be done with his sandwich that I just made for him with all of my loving care.

I haven't been busy...at all. Kotex has been REALLY good lately! ^_^ I think he's happy with all of the sex, so I'm happy for him too!!

Bulge-sama we don't talk anymore. ._. How are you? I hope you're doing well... take good care of your bulge yourself! ^_^

Oh! He's done! I better go polish the handcuffs. They need a lot more care since they're being used so much lately...I mean...um....um....BYE!!

9/3/05 11:15 pm - What's happening??!!

I'm sorry I haven't been around Izumo. T_T But...it seems...I don't know...

We're fucking COMBINING!! THAT'S the problems!! What the hell!?

T_T Um...I think...I should fucking stay AWAY from a bunch of you delicious friends that I don't wish to harm. ;_; This is very strange...I don't have a damned clue why I'm horny AND fucking innocent!

And Gen-chan...um...I hope I can help you fix up your baseme--sex lair. Mmm...hell yeah. That place is going to look really nice, I'm sure. ^_^...

I think I'll be home for a while...but you're welcome to come over for a good ti--..um...yeah. ^_^ Hee.

8/26/05 12:59 pm - I LOVE IZUMO!!

Izumo asked me if I would marry him someday!!! And I said yes!!! I love my Izumo!! ^___^ Kotex is being really good lately so I think he's happy for me!! I love Kotex too!! And Momo-chan!! And...and...

I love everybody!! YAY!!!


8/22/05 02:29 am - Best Night Ever

I came home from the bondage convention with lots of fun new toys!!

And...and then Izumo was the best person ever. *_* I love my Izumo!! Thank you!! You are so good at candle wax and piercing! <33

*____* Izumo is the best EVER!!! <3 He is my best friend and the best lover anyone could ever ask for!!

I only wonder why he ran out right afterwards. o.o Hm. Oh well. ^___^ Yay!


Nevermind. T_^ I know why he left. Hee...hee.....T_T Have a good time with Kiba, Izumo. I'm sure you guys make a...great couple. ^_T

8/13/05 11:49 pm - So busy!

I've been SO busy lately! -^_^- Izumo being back has taken up my time. I constantly want to shop and spend time with him!! I'm so glad he returned. And Kotex got a new friend too! Um...Momo-chan, I think it was. Yes. ^^

Uhh...Bulge-sama, Kotex says to thank you for caring...something about a conversation at dinner. *blush* I don't know what he's talking about...

Izumo! Hi! ^_^! I lo--like you! ._. *blush blush*

There's a bondage celebration convention thing next weekend. ^_^ I think I'll make plans to go!! <33 I'm so excited!! I'll back my BEST handcuffs!

7/26/05 01:35 pm - Hee ^_^

I'm still spending my time searching for poor Izumo, but I think it's time for me to give up...u_u

In other news on the way back into Konoha from my search, I met the most dominatingly dominator I've ever known. *_* He said his name was Sir Leader but I think I will call him Seme-sama. ^_^ He was very nice to me, and I even got to see his face! -*_*- Then he even said we'd go on a date! It will be very fun, I think since he can snap to make you orgasm.

He invented bondage!!! <333 How great is that? He's like...my idol!!

Bulge-sama, you said we'd go out a while ago too, but I haven't mentioned it because of all of the trouble you have been through lately. u_u I would like to help everyone fight this rolling creature, but I do not think I'd be much help. If you guys need anything...handcuffs, chains, whips, etc, feel free to ask and I will be your supplier. ^_^ It is the least I can do!!
Also, Bulge-sama, you are a very handsome goth. ._. <3

Maru-chan, I am very sorry to hear that you are..um...arrested, is that right? I know you admitted to it, so it must be true, but...I still like you a lot. ^_^ You are one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I really DID have a good time with you at the festival! I guess I'm just saying I'd still really like to be friends with you...so we should talk if you have visitor's hours sometime.

I guess I'll consider looking for Izumo one last time...*sigh*

7/5/05 07:20 pm

It's been a while since I've been around! I was looking for Izumo, but that game of bondage hide-and-seek seems to have left him completely gone. Hopefully he will turn up soon.

But...I come back only to discover that the Cat Boy with the bell is...gone?! NO!! I...I can't think about him being lost to us now...T__T...To lose such a friendly and potentional bondage-lover is a tragedy. I send my care to his father, brother and sister, boyfriend, and to all of his friends. ;_; I think I will go make a new bell and collar in his memory...even if he can't wear it. ToT

6/22/05 04:45 pm - Back in Bondage!

Woow! ^_^ I haven't updated in a while~ Kotex is being better now. I think I can actually go out without molesting anyone.
Bulge-sama, we should definitely hang out again sometime. Like the wipped cream and chocolate party we had before!! <3 I have missed your holy bulge-ness. -^_^- <3

And more people are here! And the dead one who is not dead is back! *waves*



6/6/05 10:04 pm - Announcement

I think I should let it be known what some people, namely Bulge-sama and the Whale Headed Dominatrix, already know. T_T It is best to give an outright warning to everyone, just in case, I think. Even if the Neji one is an evil handicap-hating Nazi who hates me in particular a lot.

I have split personalities.
Yeah, I know. u_u "He's" not very nice, as far I know. But after recent events (even if I'm only partly aware of them), I'd like to seek separation from my "other half." T__T I feel bad doing stuff and not knowing what it was...unless other people tell me. I think I'll see if Hokage-sama would know anything about somehow making things better. "Kotex," as we (those who know about him) call him, could be a good person since he likes to be dominating and bondage and good stuff like that but I don't think he is for me.

T__T Sorry if this disturbs you, but I thought it'd be better for you to know. *sniffles*

Thank you, Bulge-sama, for always being so sweet to me. And I was very happy to spend some time with Bulge-chan, the smaller one in height not size!. He is also delightful. ^__^...
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